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Sindhudesh cyber army owns cyber attack on Preston.edu.pk

Sindhudesh Cyber Army claims that they have deleted the membership record of all registered members/users of Preston University website.

This record constitutes the registration data from 1998 to 2013. According to an anonymous member of SCA,”SCA is capable of hacking the complete website of Preston education system to record our protest; keeping in sight the honor and reputation of the academic institutions we have erased some secondary data from its site.

Education is the fundamental right of everyone; that’s why we avoided giving major loss” he said. He further said that “None of the registered members of  http://preston.edu.pk can sign into their accounts. We have launched this attack to record our protest against interference and stationing of state forces in academic institutions of Sindh and murder of Baloch Professor Raziq Baloch by Pakistani Intelligence Agencies in Balochistan.”

“New generations of our Nations (Sindhi and Baloch) are deprived of their right to education in this state; the state has ruined the future of our upcoming generations. If the state continues this conspiracy against our education, we can hack all the websites of private and public academic institutions of this state” he warned.

He told that “Deleted data exceeds 550 users and Sindhudesh Cyber Army has preserved all the data which can only be returned to Preston authorities on their request.” He also provided SCA Facebook Page Contact link for the safe return of the data to Preston authorities.