History of Wind-Powered Renewable Energy Systems


Wind generating power plant systems have been operational for an extended period. Despite its newfound fame in the renewable energy market, the venture has been around for more than a decade. The sector has become a favorite owing to its capacity to generate renewable energy at the low capital cost compared to other renewable energy ventures. There have been meetings on a potential new wind plant to be built east of the city, since the dawn of time, wind power has been around. Though wind turbines are relatively recent, since the dawn of time, wind energy has been there. Historians assume that vessels were powered by a mast on rivers as soon as 3000 B.C. before Christ.

Experts explain that wind power includes all power generated from wind sources of energy passing through turbines linked to generators. These systems take advantage of wind naturally occurring air flows. The American Wind Energy Association affirms that wind-generated energy, also called wind power, is renewable energy generally generated by utilizing a system of generators strapped to a rotatable turbine in the wind or airflow that exists naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. However, the industry has evolved as it has reported a new generation of wind turbines that can maximize drafts for the production and generation of electricity of the wind energy.

The emergence of wind generation as a source of energy dates to early times before advanced propulsion systems were created. The wind has long been used as a method of getting work done for centuries. However, the only change experts relate is the widespread use of wind turbines in large-scale expansions of land for power generation.  

The development of wind energy has grown significantly over time. Up until the 1600s, America’s energy scene was highly dependent on windmills. The country’s first wind manufacturing plant was originally built-in colonial Virginia that later spread to New England and later New York. At that time, the machines and wind turbine technology in use was made up of simple material and design that worked in a straightforward fashion. It utilized a wooden wind turbine connected to gears that turned the connected piece of technology it was strapped to. However, the discovery of high-capacity energy alternatives like coal and fossil fuel proved more efficient, and the development of wind power energy generation slowed down significantly over the years. Resultantly the industry shifted production from wind dependent forms of energy generation.