Rivian Automotive Inc. is considering building a factory in Europe


Rivian Automotive Inc. is an electric automaker greatly supported by Amazon.com Inc. From a reliable source, it plans to build a new factory in Europe and is looking for suitable locations at the moment. There are high chances that its first product would be an Amazon delivery van. Then, it would proceed to develop Rivian models for the rest of the customers. Europe has many countries, which means that they are spoilt with options. They are considering several countries, including Hungary, the U.K., and Germany. The sources also went ahead to say that there are also sites not within the European Union that the company is considering for the new factory.

The responsibility of the real estate services lies in the hands of the JLL firm. If things go as planned, Rivian Automotive Inc. would have commenced producing electric vans come next year.  Besides the area for building the factory, it also needs a strategic location for its showroom. It has been looking for advice on the most suitable site for exhibiting the vehicles from various real-estate experts. The sources have chosen to remain anonymous, which is understandable since they are sharing confidential information. At the same time, all the involved parties, JLL, Amazon, and Rivian, chose not to comment on the same either.

People are anticipating that Rivian will change the automotive industry with time, just like its counterpart Tesla Inc. However, whether it will surpass the record of Tesla, which is now leading in making electric cars globally, is something that only time can tell. On the other hand, customers should expect new pickup models from Irvine based in California. In June, that’s when the production and delivery in the United States will commence. Interestingly, that of SUVs will begin shortly after in August. Equally important, Rivian Automotive Inc. plans to go public latest September, and its value is estimated to be over $50 million.

Its electric vans are already pre-ordered, and Amazon, which has invested in Rivian, expects up to 100,000. By 2020, Amazon is expecting up to 10,000 electric vans already in operation. Then, the firm will have up to 2030 to deliver the rest of them. During the fourth quarter, their production will commence in its plant in Normal, Illinois. The vans will play a massive role in ensuring that Amazon hits its goal of delivering half of its shipments using means that do not produce greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this decade. Its reliance on the United Parcel Service Inc. is reducing each passing year. Instead, it is opting for bespoke contractors and its own conventionally fueled vans.