EV move will need considerable investments in the US power grids


Texas storm left many people in fear since various unreliable sources claim that renewable energy sources are at fault. During the several days of cold Texas, Austin’s twelve electric buses became inoperative due to the power outage. These details show the connection between power and electric vehicles. If things are not handled, this problem might manifest itself in the future when there are no options since many people are investing in EVs.

The city transport sector has a $650 million budget on electric cars and charging stations over twenty years. However, officials are yet to solve the power interruptions dilemma. Jenna Maxfield, the Capitol spokeswoman, spoke of the issues claiming that resiliency and redundancy of power is a problem that will arise in the EV sector.

Austin’s predicament shows the problems facing utilities, governments, and auto manufacturers as they think of ways to solve the climate changes. More electric vehicles mean high demand for charging infrastructure and a tremendous electric grid. Power generators and utilities need billions of dollars to deliver adequate capacity while dealing with transiting to the renewable energy sector.

Chances of extreme weather are also a challenge to face. In an interview, Siva Gunda, a California Energy Commission member, stated that reliability is the key to power. Blackouts in California during the 2020 heatwave prompted the state leaders to come up with emergency generating advancements to deal with the hot summers. California is working on a 2035 complete phase-out of gas and diesel-fueled cars and trucks. For this goal to become a reality, there is so much to be done in the electric grid capacity.

In the US, greenhouse gas emissions, 50% come from the transport and power sectors. The states are the world’s second-leading emitter, which is critical for the country; hence it is working on ways to deal with global warming. The critical issue is to ensure that EVs’ source of power is renewable energy. Since renewable energy is not reliable in weather peaks, there is a need for stable storage infrastructure.

With the rise of electric vehicles, where many carmakers are betting big on auto cars, there is a need to double the power capacity since more power is needed. Significant investments in the storage sector are necessary, with the States working on bringing electric vehicles on the road and maintaining enough energy to fuel these cars.

As the planet focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy, they tend to forget how these two fields have to work hand in hand to decarbonize the area. It involves not only developing EVs but making sure that the power available can support all the cars. The transition is inevitable, but the challenges to face for a successful process are overwhelming.