James Danly Already Transforming the FERC Culture by Reducing the Press Conferences


As an autonomous entity, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission oversees the nationwide delivery of power, oil, and natural gas. FERC is currently evaluating plans for constructing liquefied natural gas (LNG) ports and regional pipelines, along with hydroelectric licensing initiatives. Additionally, FERC is made up of five representatives nominated by the president and approved by the Senate. Concerning the electrical grid’s consistency, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 offered extra responsibility to FERC. The FERC’s position and expertise currently involve controlling the reliable functioning of the state’s bulk electric grid. FERC supervises the production and implementation of consistency measures to achieve this.

On the other hand, Donald Trump appointed James Danly as the new FERC Chairman last week. Conversely, Danly has enforced his chairmanship by instating a new culture from the previous chairman Neil Chatterjee. Danly annulled Neil’s roundtable meeting, which was planned to scrutinize the market’s EV charging impact. The FERC spokesman stated that James would fail to give any media briefings or host press interviews. Danly has efficiently transformed by changing the FERC meetings from the usual third Thursdays to Tuesday 19th January. 

The previous FERC commission stated that media briefings and interviews essentially display transparency within the organization. Also, it improves public understanding of FERC decisions that would otherwise result in misunderstanding. Furthermore, Jeff Dennis, FERC managing director, stated that every chairperson has had different ways of engaging the public and displaying transparency. However, none of the chairmen have tried not engaging the public.  Dennis further stated that FERC’s decision significantly affects billions of dollars; thus, shying away from the public may demonstrate needless doubt to the market. Dennis concluded that the move might stall investors or halt economic growth.

Rob Gramlich, the previous FERC advisor, stated that public servants could explain their decisions to the public. Rob added that controversial rules issued by the commission like the PJM interconnection ought to be clearly explained. Despite the warning from different ex commissioners, other people defend and respect Danly’s decision. Curt Hebert, previous FERC chairman, stated that Danly is an attorney and pays attention to details. Curt was appointed as the chairman in 2001 by George W. Bush. Also, Richard Glick protected Danly, stating that the decision to conduct press conferences is entirely on him.  However, Richard stated that the press conference and interviews display transparency in the organization.