New Developments in Orbital Satellite Management Systems


The space industry is bound to drastically improve by leaps following a plan for an expected 8-year contractual agreement. Further reports show Eutelsat has undertaken to launch its $243 million (EUR 200 million). This venture aims to support the company’s investment toward developing its planned KONNECT VHTS satellite launch, which is still in procurement process.

The KONNECT VHTS is the next entry in the company’s portfolio of KONNECT’s follow-up range of satellites.  The previous installment was launched in November 2020. Thales Alenia Space also plans to build a 500 Gbps Ka-band satellite. It will add to the company’s plans to provide the European region with extensive access to high-speed internet to businesses and public authorities in remote areas. This new development holds a transaction in line with previously declared commitment from the EU-EIB and the EIB to increase its support for European-based space firms on Wednesday.

While there is much speculation over the viability of the project, it is confirmed that its occurrence is in accordance with the laid-out regulations and the pledge of the European Union to help support the expansion of the EIB and support the activities of the European space firms. This newly formed deal holds a lot of promise for the industry. The prospect was revealed on Wednesday during the previously staged European Space Meeting. The venture is targeted at ensuring that Europe gets continued access to the company’s planned 100 Mbps/. The venture aims to have the region fully access all aspects of online networking by 2025.

According to Eutelsat CEO Rodolphe Belmer, the venture is a long-term EIB financing investment guarantee that provides access to diverse and convincing financing sources for critical players in the space sector such as Eutelsat.  Further speculation shows that the project stresses the region’s commitment toward a public conviction that the company’s geostationary satellites are an essential supplement to delivering access to the prospective internet service, especially for poorly serviced regions to become beneficiaries of a much faster and reliant internet option.

The space exploration industry is gradually shifting towards better, more efficient systems. These include developing high capacity efficient satellites capable of providing faster speeds for networking purposes for the next few years. However, there’s much expectation that the industry is on a continuous improvement that will open up more doors in space exploration.