SSi Canada and SES Networks are partnering to deploy a new satellite from North Canada


SSi Canada, which establishes the QINIQ broadband and provides the SSi Mobile services in Nunavut, has agreed to collaborate with SES Networks to develop a new satellite with advanced technology in North Canada. All the 25 groups dwelling in Nunavut will enjoy this long-term contract and benefit from the rideshare services that the mission will establish. The purpose of this satellite is to project reliable connectivity and mobile communications, including learning and working from home as engineered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The chief executive of SSi, Jeff Philipp, expressed his joy over the contract they have entered with SES Networks to create the connectivity that North Canada longs for. Philipp added that SES Networks is the appropriate partner since the company has had the privilege of interacting with communities sidelined and remote regions with no connectivity. Ssi declared its vision of ensuring that all the remote locations overcome the problem of internet connectivity with the help of SES Networks.

The memorandum of agreement signed by these two firms provides that SSi Canada will enjoy a considerable space in the satellite to facilitate the provision of services to customers. The new satellite being developed by SES and SSi will shield the whole of Nunavut and its neighboring regions, improving connectivity in the area. Philipp explained that tremendous support they have received from other entities like the Canadian government had accelerated their efforts to input the remote areas under advanced internet connectivity. The executive added that the project is instrumental in the advancement of the QINIQ broadband since they will evaluate the possible changes they can introduce to make the program perform efficiently. Moreover, the company focuses on delivering the same services all over Canada, including the remote areas and marginalized communities.

SES is renowned for providing data services in Canada in various spectra with the satellites it has developed. The company’s new C-band provisions will ensure that it offers 5G network connectivity, which is faster than the predecessor technology. Additionally, the connectivity will ensure that the country develops its communication facilities for economic recuperation from the coronavirus pandemic’s impacts. One of the executives of SES Networks, Okar Trujillo, stated that they have been providing services to Northern Canada. They understand how to ensure the rural and remote communities connect to the satellite for communication purposes. He added that the government’s commitment to serving the citizens’ needs in the technology and communication sector is laudable and will help the country develop.