Isotropic Systems will be looking forward to financial support to develop a satellite antenna compatible with the constellations


Isotropic Systems is expecting to raise not less than $40 million that will enable it to develop an advanced broadband satellite antenna that is compatible with the slated production target for next year. The fundraiser will bring the company’s capital for the project to $60 million. Companies that participated in raising this cash include SES, Boeing’s HorizonX, Orbital Ventures, and Space Angels. Moreover, the UK government participated in the fundraiser to boost its confidence in achieving its objectives.

The company is developing a broadband terminal that will take up this antenna and use it for communication purposes through multiple frequencies. Additionally, this connection will bring together various satellites and minimize signal problems by improving each connection’s network speed. Some of the enthusiastic satellite operators keenly observing the developments include Amazon, OneWeb, Intelsat, and SpaceX because they will be the biggest beneficiaries in this project.

The company will be running a 20000 sq.-foot testing and approximation facility in Reading and will be unveiling its operational ground terminal before 2023. The satellite antenna’s success as promoted will create a new ambiance that the satellite network connectivity providers and customers can enjoy. This move would mean that the clients will enjoy affordable services without the dilemma of choosing a network provider. The advantage of this concept is that they can utilize the hardware that they have to link to multiple options and experience the high-speed connection. Other benefits include onboard Wi-Fi running on an international flight. The previous versions have been unreliable, and this technology will be offering the solution to this problem.

The antenna could be the answer to coverage and signal quality problems with speeds superseding the previous versions. Additionally, the network will narrow down the bureaucratic problems emerging from the utilization of the Starlink constellation and allow other networks also to service the needs of the citizens.

The antenna will boost both the upload and download speeds that customers were requesting through the improvement of the bandwidth and frequency. The Isotropic program’s customer list includes the military, government, and other private markets, which have complained in the past about the accessibility of broadband and low speeds for the IoT network. This fundraiser will witness the company meet the technological specifications that companies want boosting production and growth. Finally, the company will also take up the components that it needed for developing and improving the technology that they have been dealing with over the last period.