SpaceX has been urged by Armenia to stop supporting the Turkish government with satellite operations


SpaceX leaders and workers have received numerous emails from Armenians worldwide, urging them to stop the satellite contract proceedings it intended to enter with the Turkish government. This argument is valid since emails have articulated all of them championing a quick halt of the launch contract. TechCrunch staff has received numerous emails from Armenians whose primary concern is that the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has led the country with an iron fist in relation to handling matters affecting Armenians. The Armenians stated that that the acceptance of this contract by SpaceX will catalyze more ethnic injustices being leveled towards them.

SpaceX was planning to deploy the Turksat-5A satellite before next year, whose purpose is to serve the communication details for most of Europe, Asia, and some parts of the Middle East. The launch contract has been pending for quite some time with several events like SpaceX’s chief executive Elon Musk with Erdogan to discuss the satellite details. The emails explained various human rights abuses leveled towards Armenians, which Turkey’s president engineered and never took his time to address them adequately. The emails quoted genocide as the core of the argument, explaining that the president ought to address these issues before the contract comes to SpaceX’s approval.

The emails explained that some companies have muted business operations with Turkey after analyzing the government and its citizens’ ongoing tussle. The citizens hope that SpaceX can also cancel the launch contract until Turkey resolves its conflicts with Armenian citizens. SpaceX had intended to indemnify Turkey for the funds it had paid them to remove the feeling of bias that Armenians were developing over the launch contracts the government had initiated to deploy a geostationary satellite. 

It dawns on companies that they have to declare their stand with the moral grounds that the society has set. On many occasions, SpaceX has supported government efforts to maintain their countries’ security by offering intelligence. Currently, the agency is open to serving any commercial company and counter-checking if its activities affect its citizens seeking launch operations. One of the emails explained that they could not watch the country arming itself while the government killed the people. The writer added that SpaceX’s decision represents the country’s stand in this predicament, hoping that the agency will avoid declaring support to the president.

To conclude, international companies must strategize how they will address the problems emanating from the implied contracts. This move will help stop the problem like the one SpaceX is encountering over the Turkey government contract.