Viasat reveals the partnership to secure RigNet


Viasat revealed its plan to procure RigNet Inc. Situated in Houston. This deal will involve $222 million according to Viasat’s market share and RigNet’s debt. RigNet is crucial to Viasat because it offers expert knowledge about the energy industry. The chief executive of Viasat, Rick Baldridge, stated that the expertise would be vital since Viasat is planning to deploy three Viasat satellites to fill the Viasat-3 constellation. Baldridge explained that they have been monitoring the versatility of RigNet in adapting to the oil and gas market changes. The company met RigNet’s customers and discovered that they trust and value their partnership. 

RigNet has proved its potential in providing oil and gas communications, applications, and cybersecurity. Baldridge also connoted that the company can offer supervisory control, gather and analyze data using the data procurement computer systems. The chief executive of RigNet, Steven Pickett, explained that they have the same thought with Viasat of offering high-class services and securing a market share in communications, artificial intelligence, and machine language to evaluate customer data. Pickett articulated that RigNet supervises the data passing through their network to offer expert advice that customers can utilize 5o run their businesses efficiently. A perfect example is RigNet observing data to anticipate the maintenance techniques that will ensure customers understand how to approach the supply chain and meet the growing customer needs minimizing their anxiety over how to run their activities efficiently. 

The acquisition of RigNet follows after the Carlsbad project in which Viasat and Eutelsat Communications are partnering to develop a KA-SAT broadband satellite. Baldridge is confident that the procurement of RigNet will facilitate the diversification of the operations of Viasat and ensure it meets the remote enterprise services that they are providing to the customers. RigNet has demonstrated a fantastic record in maintaining customer relations and exploring technology expertise through machine language and artificial intelligence to ensure that they are recognizable on the international broadband portfolio. The acquisition will allow Viasat to unbox the supply chain while leveraging the multiple chances that they have to unveil the potential of RigNet to offer energy services. 

Pickett emphasized that RigNet is excited to partner with Viasat in offering high-quality services. Pickett stated that their plan to provide broadband connectivity and networking solution that will facilitate the accessibility of 1200 onshore and offshore sites by linking them through the internet-of-things would be successful. With Viasat customers requesting for more closure in the communication section, the technology of RigNet and its rigorous efforts in this sector will prove to be vital.